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Health and Safety August 2020


Health and Safety Policy update Feb 2020.pdf

Tawa Club Swimming under Level 2 Covid 19 Restrictions.pdf 
May 2020, again Aug 2020

Updates: May 2020: COVID19 Level 2 guidelines for Tawa Pool. In use again August 2020.

Links to current Government/local Government information (last checked 21/8/2020): (17/08/2020) (21/08/2020) (17/08/2020)

Updates: H&S Policy, Feb 2020. No diving from shallow end. Extended across the board - no children, no squad swimmers - no-one diving from shallow end. [Practical implication - relay meets at Tawa. Distances need to be changed to 50m, or rules changed to allow a shallow end start in pool] 

National Meets Policy (Policy 2) October 2020 Policy 2 National Meets Policy October 2020.pdf Reviewed October 2020. 
Membership Fee Policy (Policy 5) October 2020 Policy 5 Membership Fee Policy Updated Oct 2020.pdf

For the 2020-21 FY only, the Club offered an option to pay subscription in two instalments of 6 months, at $125.00 per instalment. Or alternatively to pay the usual way, one instalment of an annual subscription of $225.00. A 6-month option was a once-off accommodation for the uncertainty brought by COVID19. 

For new members, the Club Subscription drops from 100% for those joining 1 July-31 December, to 50% for those joining after 1 January 2021.





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