Policy 5


Membership Fee Policy




This Policy covers the charging of an annual membership fee and the request for refunds/credits. This policy does not cover squad fees which are covered in a separate policy.

The Club has fixed costs which are met by the annual membership fee. These costs include: pool hire, administration costs of club, club room costs, coach training, prize giving costs, affiliation fees etc

From time to time the Club will be approached by a club member seeking a refund or credit for membership subscription already paid.




This Policy applies to all members and prospective members of Tawa Swimming Club





















It is a breach of this Policy for any person or organisation to which this Policy applies to have been found to have:






If a member or a prospective member bound by this Policy breaches this Policy by not paying the subscription fee then one of more forms of discipline may be imposed. These may include but are not limited to: a financial penalty, suspension or de-registration.


This Policy comes into effect immediately, it shall be reviewed annually.


This policy was updated and approved at Committee Meeting of the Tawa Swimming Club held in April 2019.


Other documents that relate to this policy are our Tawa Swimming Club membership form and the Swimming NZ membership form – both of which are completed by all members upon joining the club.





Signed: Clive Kirby, President

Tawa Swimming Club April 2019

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