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Tawa Swimming Club has a range of programmes - Club swimming (children ages 8-12 years, competitive and non competitive), Competitive squad swimming (ages 9-18 years), College Swimfit (fitness and social swimming for College students) and Adult Swimfit (adult fitness and social training).

Club swimming

Our Club swimming programme focus is on balanced development in all four strokes, race skills such as turns and starts, fostering positive attitudes and developing friendships through sport. We encourage children to try to reach their full potential and to take on challenges. Whether or not children choose to swim competitively, all children can expect to develop the skills and attitudes they need to do this. We have diversity in our programmes running social events, special sessions on particular skills and race training events. Senior swimmers are well connected with juniors, providing positive role modelling not only in swimming but also in youth leadership. 

We currently accept children who can swim 50m Freestyle, 25m in Backstroke and 25 Breaststroke continuously and demonstrate a basic understanding of Butterfly. Children who have completed Learn-to-Swim (LTS) programmes find a transition to swim club much easier than those who have not. Generally, children are aged 8 years and above. On joining the Club, children can begin competing as soon as they want to. Coaches can advise on how to get started.

The Club hires the entire Tawa pool complex on Monday and Thursday nights. Children enrol in one, or two, 60-minute sessions per week on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. There is also a 3.30pm session available on a Thursday. The Wednesday evening session is held at Keith Spry Pool, in Johnsonville. Choice of session is dependent on spaces being available in your child's level. 

It is a legal requirement for children under the age of nine to have a parent or adult caregiver poolside. We encourage all parents to take the opportunity to watch their children develop, meet other parents and help with setting up and returning equipment.

There is no swimming during school holidays or on public holidays. Swimmers attending the swim sessions need to pay pool entrance; concession tickets are available.

Our Club swimming coaches are volunteers. 

To register your interest in joining the Club, please fill in the below form and a Club representative will contact you.

 Squad swimming - Competitive and Fitness

When ready for more swimming, children progress from Club swimming into Competitive swimming squads, or as they reach College age, they may wish to train with their peer group in the College Swimfit training squad. Over time, training requirements for Competitive swimming increase from 2 sessions per week, up to 10 sessions per week, depending on what level children/teenagers are aiming for. Tawa Swimming Club takes a long term view, seeking to keep members engaged in swimming long-term, so we do not avocate over-training early on.  

Read more about our Competitive Squads here.  

If you'd like to join the College Swimfit group (up to 3 sessions per week), please conact 


If you are an experienced squad swimmer wanting to join our competitive squads (entry criteria apply) please contact our club captain. The bulk of our Competitive swimmers initially join Club swimming and develop through a pathway in the Club. 

Transfer process from competitive squads at other local clubs to Tawa:

  1. Prospective member contacts Club Captain
  2. Club Captain arranges a trial, with appropriate coach, at Tawa
  3. Coaches determine an appropriate fit/placement during a trial process
  4. Coaches make a recommendation regarding the application to the Committee
  5. Committee considers transfer applications not less than monthly
  6. Squad Coordinator advises applicant of the outcome
  7. Transfer applicants are advised to keep swimming at their current club pending the outcome of their application
  8. Acceptance is not guaranteed as we have limited capacity and current members take priority for available spaces
  9. All transfers are provisional until Club Subscriptions, Affiliation and Squad fees are paid, and Swimming Wellington completes the transfer. 

Adults training group

We have an adults training group running two nights per week. If you'd like to join the adults training sessions, please contact for more information.


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