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5 February

February 2016 newsletter

Waitangi Weekend - There is NO SWIMMING on Saturday 6 February or Monday 8 February. 

27 January

Congratulations to Shavendra Somaweera and Chelsea Parker who have been selected for the All Stars Junior team in the 2016 Zonal Competition! This Zonal Championship is based on the collegiate swimming competitions that are held in America. New Zealand has been split into 4 zones (franchises). Each team will consist of 40 swimmers made up of: 20 under 15 boys and girls and 20 16 and over men and women. 

Shavendra and Chelsea will travel to Auckland to participate in this exciting teams-based meet on 13 February.  Watch them on Sky Sport 4 from 5pm. Good Luck!

25 January

SW Wellington Champs, WRAC.

Congratulations to all our finalists and medallists during the weekend! 

Results taken from Meet Mobile.

Medal Table


Name Gold Silver Bronze Total
Chelsea Parker


 200Breast   5
Jenna Rolston-Larking




Matthew Cooper 




Joel Crampton



 400IM 4
Shavendra Somaweera   50Breast  100Breast 2
Rachel Smart   1500Free 200Fly 2
Josh Keegan   800Free  400IM 2
Katie Helm   200Fly   1
Renee Luo    


Danika Viskovic     50Breast 1
Gavin Moon     50Fly 1
Cerys Lewis     50Fly 1
Clara Gianos     100Breast 1
  12 13 14 39

4-10th Place Table

Name Place Event                        Name Place  Event 
Matthew Cooper 4 100Back    Charlotte Gibbs  7  100Back
Renee Luo 4 50Breast    Wynter Tickle  8  100Back
Elisia Wong 5 50Breast    Renee Luo  9  100Back
Rachel Smart  5 400Free    Jenna Rolston-Larking  10  100Back
Chelsea Parker 400Free    Danika Viskovic  6  100Back
Clara Gianos 6 50Breast    Elisia Wong  9  100Back
Gavin Moon 6 100Back    Jack Singer  5  50Fly
Joel Crampton 6 100Back    Matthew Cooper  5  50Fly
Louis Regnault 6 100Back    Shavendra Somaweera  5  50Fly
Naomi Cooper 6 50Breast    Michael Chang  7  50Fly
Cerys Lewis 7 50Breast    Justin Roberts  9  50Fly
Max Wong 50Breast    Andrew Helm  9  50Fly
Michael Chang 7 100Back    Charlotte Gibbs  4  50Fly
Chelsea Parker 9 200Free    Renee Luo  4  50Fly
Rachel Smart  10 200Free    Lucy Singer  7  50Fly
Jenna Rolston-Larking 10 800Free    Katie Helm  5  50Fly
Justin Roberts 10 100Back    Danika Viskovic  7  50Fly
Katie Helm 10 400Free    Rachel Smart  5  50Fly
Gavin Moon 10 50Breast    Gavin Moon  7 200IM 
Joel Crampton 8 200IM   Shavendra Somaweera 6 200IM
Andrew Helm 10 200IM   Charlotte Gibbs 10 200IM
Danika Viskovic 8 200IM   Katie Helm 10 200IM
Rachel Smart 7 200IM    Max Wong 100Breast 
Michael Chang 8 100Breast   Thomas Downs 7 100Breast
Renee Luo 4 100Breast   Jenna Rolston-Larking 7 100Breast
Danika Viskovic 7 100Breast   Elisia Wong 8 100Breast
Rachel Smart 5 100Breast   Gavin Moon 5 200Back
Louis Reginault 4 200Back   Jenna Rolston-Larking 5 200Back
Phoebe Riddle 10 200Back   Danika Viskovic 7 200Back
Elisia Wong 10 200Back   Gavin Moon 6 50Free
Joel Crampton 6 50Free   Michael Chang 5 50Free
Shavendra Somaweera 8 50Free   Andrew Helm 7 50Free
Renee Luo 5 50Free   Jenna Rolston-Larking 6 50Free
Lucy Singer 5 50Free   Cerys Lewis 4 50Free
Max Wong 6 200Fly   Joshua Keegan 4 200Fly
Justin Roberts 6 200Fly   Andrew Helm 7 200Fly
Rachel Smart 5 400IM   Max Wong 9 200Breast
Joshua Keegan 9 200Breast   Shavendra Somaweera 4 200Breast
Thomas Downs 5 200Breast   Jenna Rolston-Larking 5 200Breast
Clara Gianos 4 200Breast   Lily-Anne Meyler 8 200Breast
Elisia Wong 7 200Breast   Sarah Downs 9 200Breast
Gavin Moon 4 100Fly   Joshua Keegan 8 100Fly
Shavendra Somaweera 6 100Fly   Justin Roberts 9 100Fly
Louis Regnault 10 100Fly   Andrew Helm 9 100Fly
Charlotte Gibbs  5 100Fly   Lucy Singer 8 100Fly
Clara Gianos 10 100Fly   Katie Helm 5 100Fly
Chelsea Parker 7 100Fly   Rachel Smart 4 100Fly
Jack Singer 8 100Free   Joel Crampton 7 100Free
Michael Chang 10 100Free   Andrew Helm 9 100Free
Jenna Rolston-Larking 4 100Free   Renee Luo 5 100Free
Gavin Moon 9 50Back   Michael Chang 4 50Back
Louis Regnault 4 50Back   Justin Roberts 6 50Back
Renee Luo 9 50Back   Cerys Lewis 4 50Back
Elisia Wong 8 50Back        



December 2015 newsletter




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Tawa Swimming Club is located in the suburb of Tawa, 15km from Wellington City.  Our aim is to promote, foster and encourage swimming.  We accept children from the age of five who can complete two lengths (50m) freestyle and two lengths backstroke and 1 length (25m) breaststroke.  Our emphasis is not only on teaching children to swim but introducing them to the competitive sport of swimming.  We do this through our monthly club time trials, and as children progress through the levels of the club they are given the opportunity to join our competitive squads.
If you are interested in club swimming for your child please contact our Club Captain.
If you are wanting to join our competitive squads (entry criteria apply) please contact our Head Coach